Why Use A Debt Counsellor?

Before you decide if you should employ the help of a debt counsellor, it helps to know what these professional individuals do. Once you understand what they do, you can get a better idea of why you should seek their help.

debt counsellorIf you have been struggling to pay your bills and make repayments to existing debts, you may want to seek the help of this type of counselor. If you cannot help but take out more loans to pay existing obligations, you will want to get help before the situation becomes so dire that you have no option but to file bankruptcy. See the benefits of debt counselling.

What Is A Debt Counsellor

A debt counsellor (gives assistance, advice and guidance) is an individual who is registered with the National Credit Regulator to offer indebted individuals qualified assistance with resolving their debts. The National Credit Act introduced these counselors to help regulate the process involved in helping consumers manage debt.

These counselors can work for an organisation or they can work independently. The only requirement is that they operate according to all rules and regulations.

Intelligent Debt Management debt counsellor is available to customers in South Africa. They offer some of the best support available. They are all fully qualified and compliant with the National Credit Regulator. They are helpful and considerate.

Intelligent Debt Management counselors want to provide all customers with optimal care and are dedicating to doing this. They will work with the customers and a legal team to provide repayment plans and help customers manage financial planning.

You can determine if you need the help of these counselors by asking yourself if you are being constantly harassed by creditors. Are you taking out more credit to pay off existing debt? Are you barely able to pay your bills each month?

Do you have to skip paying some bills to facilitate paying others? If your expenses are always exceeding your income, you need to get help. A debt counselor is the best person to get this help from.

Intelligent Debt Management debt counsellors will empower you to take over your own financial situation. Contact them today.